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Why Do I Love?

bd36dc358eab413d2c250ffa5107775cI was looking in a mirror tonight and I asked myself a question.  “Why do I love?”

It was such a simple question, but it opened a floodgate response I couldn’t ignore.

I hope this resonates with you as much as it did with me.  My subconscious mind and larger aspect had much to teach me this evening.


Why do I love?

I love because when I am not loving, I feel like something has gone awry in the universe.  Some great injustice has been committed against my sacrosanct nature of sharing the most precious gift I bring to this world.

It is not about loving an individual or focusing on one bond in particular.  Nor is it about receiving love in return.  It is about honoring the my essence; the very core from which I was created.

I am love. 555929_10200152765994446_135035224_n

I cannot help but be who I am.

I have tried on various masks over the years.  Tried to assimilate into a world I seldom understand, yet completely adore.  None of them have stuck.

They all fade into the wind as their elastic bands break against the pulsing of my contained energy, itching to be shared with the world.

For me, loving is like breathing and equally important.

The mental, emotional, and spiritual suffocation I feel when I try to conform into a less radiant being is no different than allowing myself to slowly die from malnourishment.

It is an injustice to become only a shell of the potential I possess.  Not only to myself, but to the world I am here to serve.

I am not alone in this energetic purpose.  Yet so many of us try to stifle ourselves from truly loving one another.

We come up with reasons to separate from one another.  We focusing on what we have been told are imperfections, as if you could ever be anything but perfect when standing in your power and wholeness.

We become so consumed with self-consciousness that we lose the true consciousness of the self.

I am here to be me, and I am love.  Pure, unadulterated love.

148147_450251765021296_780241934_nIn this moment, I choose to share and spread that love unabashedly and without apology every day forward.  I will bathe in the magic well springs of emotional alchemy that ensues from honoring and loving the divine within all beings.

I will tell you that you are beautiful.  I will tell you how truly special and unique you are.  I will tell you what I see in you and that you needn’t be afraid of the amazingness you have within you.

I will tell you the truth.

The truth of who you are.  The truth of who you were born to be.


It is my purpose.  I am your mirror and you are mine.  Everything I see in you is my own reflection, and I am yours.  I accept you fully as you are.


I see you, and I cannot help but love you.


Vortex Writing: A Course in Creative Writing

Book of natureAs most of you know, I am an internationally published writer.

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