Month: April 2013

Aren’t You Curious?

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Hello, Beautiful Spirit!

I wanted to let you know that I am now offering a regular newsletter!  It’s filled with all sorts of amazing things like discounts on services, the most updated articles based on current consciousness research, and lots of other life changing information.

Visit my website: and sign up for the newsletter.  Don’t be afraid to click around and see all of the awesomeness!  There’s also a sample of the newsletter on the homepage so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you sign up!
Much love and Big Nonlocal Quantum Hugs!

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Self-Forgiveness: Proper Atonement

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Check out this new article I wrote for Chakra Center! It’s a continuation of my Forgiveness Article 🙂

Chakra Center


Young woman in a wheat fieldMany of us struggle with the concept of forgiveness.  Forgiveness seems pointless, permissive, and often times can feel like a betrayal of the self.  However, when we struggle to forgive others, it’s usually not because the other party must be punished, nor is it usually because the anger and resentment is such a powerful tool we use to motivate ourselves so we can “show them.”  Quite the contrary; when we struggle to forgive others, it’s most commonly indicative of our underlying inability to forgive ourselves for our transgressions against others and ourselves.

How Do We Start Punishing Ourselves?

When we engage in behavior that goes against our alignment, we are programmed to self-loathe.  Do you remember being a child and being called ”bad” for something you weren’t supposed to do?  Do you remember being expected to do exactly as you were told, and if not, then you were the “problem…

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