Month: October 2012

No More Apologies: A Positive PollyAnna Rant

I had an amazing, transformational experience I wanted to share with you because it affects so many people, especially activated lightworkers.  I went on a Bliss Out retreat with Charis Melina and Leija Turunen, which I highly recommend to anyone looking to expand and evolve spiritually.  One of the Blissers mentioned I was apologizing a lot and without cause.  This was something I had thought about and heard before, but I didn’t realize the significance, or the ramifications of my apologetic nature.

Ever since I can remember, I have apologized for EVERYTHING!  I would say, “I’m sorry,” for things that had nothing to do with me.  For example, if it started raining and you wanted to go outside, I would apologize for it raining outside.  No joke!  I would apologize to people for their negative feelings, experiences, and thoughts.  When I started paying attention, I was probably saying, “I’m sorry,” at least four to six times an hour. That’s over 64 times a day!  So, why is this a problem?  Let me tell you!

Our words carry specific energetic vibrations, which is why they are so powerful, why words can hurt us, or why words can inspire and motivate us.  Our words interact with our DNA to mold our genetic expression (there will be an in depth article on this soon), and when we use words that resonate with shame, guilt, fear, or negativity, we bring ourselves to those levels.  You may not be conscious of trapping yourself in these frequencies, but when you unnecessarily use phrases like “I’m sorry,” you are bathing yourself in self-defeatist mindsets.

Before the retreat, I experienced a lot of growth intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, but I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be.  I knew I was capable of going further, especially since we are all ever expansive beings, and I wanted to experience the next level of myself.  During my retreat experience, I broke every barrier or wall I had ever created for myself.  I let go of control and surrendered to the experience.  What I unlocked was a magical transformation.

I no longer feared rejection, loss, or anything else you can think of; my world became fun, playful, and full of divine love for everything and everyone, including myself!  I realized I am capable of helping and healing others right now, in this moment.  I realized it is equally important to nurture my creative, expressive inner child, to be content in my introspective knowing and understanding of my experience, and to immerse myself in nature to connect with everything I had worked so hard to distance myself from.  My world had shifted in a matter of minutes with the awareness that I am enough, as I am, and I am all I need in every moment of every day…and so are you!

We are all divine beings of light.  We all have a purpose and matter in the amazing pattern we have weaved to create our experiences.  There are no mistakes in the universe and you are experiencing this life for a reason.  Most importantly, you are here because you are worthy, beautiful, important, intelligent, and have the potential to change the world for the better all on your own!  This is why I refuse to give anymore unnecessary apologies; there is no need to apologize for the infinitely beautiful creator that you are.  Your thoughts, feelings, and actions matter!  You matter!  If you were superfluous, you would cease to exist.  Therefore, I am asking you to stand in your power, honor all of the pieces which make up you as a special individual bringing light to this planet, and to never apologize for your right to exist.

I lived most of my life in a self-induced prison of apologies; I told the world, and myself, through my language that I wasn’t worthy, I was less than, and I didn’t matter.  I have no more apologies to give, nor do I care to.  I set the intention, which I think will resonate with many lightworkers and people of service to humanity in particular, to love myself like I love others.  Loving other human beings, even the unsavory ones, is like breathing for me.  I love them all.  I see what is special and unique in each one and it makes me feel blessed to live in a place where there is so much diversity and uniqueness, creating a divine constellation of change and co-creation.

You and I are the creators of our experience, especially with our words.  There is a reason why there is an old saying, “Speak it into being.”  You have the power to create your experience solely through your word choice.  So the next time you speak or have introspective thoughts, I encourage you to use words that are loving, inspirational, and encouraging to yourself and others.  Your world will radically change for the better.  No one can love you better than you can, so love yourself enough to be kind to yourself.

I used to watch the world from a window.  I felt unworthy of enjoying the fun going on outside.  I could see it, I wanted to join, but I was afraid of rejection and I simply didn’t love myself enough.  Now, I’m immersed in nature, cartwheeling through life (literally), and experiencing the greatest joy I wasn’t even aware existed.  No one loves me more or better than me; I am finally fulfilled by being my authentic self in every moment of every day.  I want for nothing from any other human being anymore because I have found solidity and solace within my own divinity.  Love yourself enough to give yourself the same gift.

Much Love & Go In Peace 🙂


The Quantum Consciousness Series

Hello, Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write you a new article.  I have been collaborating on a very special offer for you!  I’ve partnered up with Charis Melina Brown to bring you a special online course in consciousness called The Quantum Consciousness Series!

Many people are experiencing rapid consciousness shifts which can be confusing, and sometimes scary, if you do not understand why or how it’s happening.  Charis and I have put together a comprehensive class beginning with an introduction to quantum consciousness and finishing by teaching you how to create your reality.  The class consists of four different modules described below with their dates and prices:

Module 1- Waking Up From the Dream: Lucid Living

This module is an introduction to consciousness, quantum theory, and how to awaken and expand your consciousness.  You’ll learn the fundamental theories and concepts surrounding consciousness, as well as how it applies to and effects your life.

November 22, 2012- December 6, 2012         $33

Module 2 – Quieting the Ego Through Expanded Awareness

This module expands how your ego begins to concede to your higher self and higher mind as you expand your consciousness.  We will give you hands on activities and suggestions to help you expand your awareness, silence your mind, and connect with your center of authenticity.

December 7, 2012 – December 21, 2012              $33

Module 3 – Divine Pattern Integration and Weaving

In this module, you will learn how to identify the energetic patterns around and within you.  We will help you learn how to release energetic blocks preventing you from expanding your consciousness, help you see the connections between your life patterns and your relationships, and help you identify how expanded consciousness deepens and enhances your bonds with everyone and everything in your life.

January 6, 2013 – January 20, 2013               $33

Module 4 – Consciousness and the Ability to Bend Your Reality

In this module, you will learn the true power of the law of attraction and how to start building your ideal reality.  We will also show you the implications and applications of elevated consciousness such as: increased kindness, compassion, peace, and serenity; increased confidence and personal power; seeing inter- and multi-dimensionally; and nonlocal healing of body, mind, and spirit.

January 21, 2013 – February 4, 2013               $33

The Quantum Consciousness Series: The Complete Expansion

This is the whole package deal at a discount!  Start with the basics and learn through our advanced modules to expand your consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of your life, your purpose, and your connection to all that is.  Learn how to quiet your ego, expand your mind, and craft the life you’ve been wanting to live.  You will be given hands on activities, as well as informational readings and videos at your disposal to help you on your personal journey of growth.

November 22, 2012- February 4, 2013                  $111

This series was designed for the individual to participate as they choose, on their own time.  The modules are full of scientific research, videos, presentations, and spiritual information for you to look through, learn from, and choose whether or not to integrate into your experience.  Each week, there will be a live Q&A call with Polly and/or Charis to address your questions, concerns, and developments.

For more information on this epic event visit The Quantum Consciousness Series.  If you’re ready to make a leap into the next adventure of your life, visit the Modules page to register for the course.  If you have any questions, you can contact Charis and me through the contact page on The Quantum Consciousness Series website, or through the contact page on this site.

I look forward to seeing you in class!